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Stichting Vrienden van Rainbow Generation Ethiopia

               A “support foundation” of Rainbow Generation Ethiopia

General Background


In 2009 in Ethiopia, the illiteracy rate was 65.1% of which 77.2% were women. For every 100 literate men, there were only about 46 literate women1. According to the Ethiopian Ministry of Finance and Economic Development2, primary school enrolment in 2005/2006 was 85.5% total, 92.9% for boys and 78.5%for girls. For secondary school, total enrolment was 32.3%, 41.6% for boy and 24.5% for girls. The statistic shows clearly that girls enrolment rates are below the average than boys enrolment rates. The gender imbalance was also reflected in economic figures: While the average yearly income per person in 2009 was 280 USD, this figure was lower for women who earned only 2/3 (67%) as much as men3. According to UNICEF data, 4.6 million or 13% of all children in Ethiopia have lost one or both parents of these, 17% through AIDS4.) Those children have very often little or no chance of a proper education; that’s where Rainbow Generation Ethiopia’s educational projects are coming in.



The vision of the founder of Rainbow Generation Ethiopia, W/o Medhanit Mekuria is to nurture a better generation!

If I were not fulfilling it every day, I dont think I would be able to sleep at night (from an interview by Hileen Eshetu).



Rainbow Generation Ethiopia will enable its students for Rainbow Kindergarten & School, and of the Womens Hospitality Training Project to reach their educational goal and to become responsible, self-sustaining citizens by running and developing educational centers of excellence and thereby contributing to the further development of those rural towns and of Ethiopia as a whole.

Gifts, Donations & Support

Thank you for all the Support that you have shown us.

We greatly appreciate it and so do all the beneficiaries and their families.

God bless.

Thank you. 

Want to help out hands on?

Volunteers are also more than welcome.

Just contact us by mail for further information.

Pictures of the People behind the scene of the Organization:

Our Organization Part 1

Our Organization Part 2

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