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Charis Small Group

All Things New!

We believe that you will experience restoration & blessings in many areas of your life! 

Here for you during this school year :-)

Who: all interested are welcome

When: Fridays @ 19:30

Where: Florissant, Colorado

(about 15min from CBC)

What: Fellowship, Fun, Depth,

Worship, Prayer, Encouragement,

Healing, Stepping out, Blessing and

much more….

Fall-term topic: 

Living out our identity in Christ!!!

-> Healthy relationships

-> Walking in healing

-> Walking in prosperity

-> And much, much more ;-) 

Why us? 

We are a team of enthusiastic believers.

We have not only heard and learned about

God, but have actually experienced

God first hand.

And this has been so amazing that we

want to go even deeper and further

together with others,

together with you ;-)

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